Waterfalls Estate

Cardamom estate for plantation cum eco-tourism project is for sale in Idukki district, Kerala State, India. The plantation is on either side of a 12 feet wide clear water stream which ends into two water falls at the boundaries of the estate.

The estate is a serene valley with nature’s peace and tranquillity. On frosty mornings all that you hear is the water gushing through the rocks and the birds chirping in their nests.

The entire area is under cultivation with high yielding Njallani cardamom variety and with pepper and coffee as intercrop. Intense farming using Njallani cardamom variety can produce an average yield of 400kgs – 600kgs per acre.

This is one of the few estates in the whole region which has had water for irrigation even in the most severe droughts. The estate has a permanent network sprinkler irrigation system powered by huge electrical and diesel pumps to irrigate the total area.

There are several check-dams, water storage tanks, fertigation tanks, slurry mixers in the estate. There is a beautiful old store house with a huge cardamom drying unit along side a supervisor’s hall, plus three phase electricity connection, Telephone, Internet, Satellite T.V.etc...

The estate is on the way to Munnar from Thekkady Periyar Tiger Reserve. It is an exotic location for overnite stay for tourists who are on their way to Munnar after spending the day at Thekkady.The buyer need not have any prior knowledge of cardamom cultivation as the estate is under close supervision of one of the leading cardamom research consultant in Kerala, he visits the estate every fortnight.

The main attractions of the estate are mist clad hills, waterfalls, natural stream, wildlife, trekking, fishing, tourism, old store house, very profitable hi-tech cardamom cultivation etc... to name a few. So if you want the title of an "Estate Mothalali" & "Resort Owner" and want to invest into a generating asset with excellent annual returns plus land value appreciation, please write to the manager.

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